Factory New Aeromatic Propellers

Deposit: $1000 (required)

F200 Flange shaft $5350 ------------- (Blades and Hub)

F200 Flange shaft $3,500 ------------ (Blades only)
F220 Spline shaft $6750 and up --- (Blades and Hub)

F220 Spline shaft $3,700 ------------- (Blades only)

Shipping Crate (refund possible²) $100

 We will install the blades free on your hub if your hub needs no disassembly and or parts. This means that we will remove the old blades, install new blades, set the angles, balance the propeller and fill it with oil.
If your hub is disassembled or needs to be disassembled and reassembled then there will be extra costs. There will be labor cost and perhaps parts cost. The average cost for labor to disassemble and reassemble the hub, set the angles, balance and fill with oil has proven to usually be between 4 and 8 hours at shop rate of $95 per hour.
Also, it is impossible to give you a firm price quote on a propeller that we have not inspected.

¹ The price for 220 props will very depending on what kind of a deal we can cut for hubs.
² We will refund the $100 if you return the box prepaid.

Shipping charges are extra and depend on your location.

Ship Your Aeromatic Propeller to:
Tarver Propellers, LLC
1500 Rio Vista Dr. Hangar C-4
Fallon, NV. 89406
PHONE - (775) 423-0378