Manufacturer warrants all new propeller blades and propeller assemblies and all parts manufactured by us to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. Manufacturer´┐Żs obligation is limited to the replacement or repair of any part or parts which, upon the examination made by the manufacturer or an authorized representative of the manufacturer, are found to be defective and which are returned, with transportation charges prepaid, to the manufacturer within 90 days after such propeller has been installed by an authorized service station or certified person for the original purchaser or before such propeller has been flown 50 hours, whichever period is the shorter, but in no case longer than 6 months after manufacturing and assembly. We will not be responsible for any repairs made outside our factory without proper written authorization. With respect to parts not manufactured by the manufacturer but incorporated in the propellers or sold separately, manufacturer makes no warranty except that we will extend such warranties as the respective manufacturers of the parts permit.

While factory rebuilt propellers, accessories and parts are generally assumed to be equal to new, and our best effort is made to eliminate all potential defects, there is always the possibility that the useful life has been reduced due to previous service and/or repairs. No warranty, expressed, implied or statutory, shall apply to any such rebuilt propellers, accessories or parts.

This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed, implied or created by law, and any other obligations or liabilities on the part of the manufacturer, and it neither assumes, nor authorizes any dealer or other person to assume for it, any other liability in connection with such propeller, parts, equipment and accessories.

Tarver Propeller, LLC

These propellers have been producted by three companies since 1945 for use on civilian airplanes in the standard and utility category, Koppers, Univair and now Tarver. These propellers are certified on a variety of airplanes.
When Tarver Propellers makes a propeller for an airplane/engine combination that has been previously certified the propeller is proven safe to use as specified in the related documentation.
There have been more than 12,000 propellers producted since 1945 for use on certified aircraft.
As long as the propeller is used within the previously approved manner it can be expected to be safe and airworthy for a long time. If the propeller is used in any manner outside the approved established envelope then Tarver Propellers will not be responsible for the consequence of such action.
Outside the established envelope are things like vibration, over revolutions, installed on engines of excessive horse power or different vibration characteristics.

Each new application will need testing before it is safe to use.

The Aeromatic propeller has been tested and approved for use on the Lycoming 0-320 D2, 160HP engine. This was done via an STC by a previous company that owned and produced the Aeromatic. It has also been tested for vibration on the Lycoming 0-360, 180hp engine and approved by the FAA.

The TCDS P-820 for the Aeromatic propeller shows that the F200 with blades model 00-74E is certified for up to 180HP @ 2800 rpm.

For Experimental aircraft Tarver Propellers, LLC warrantees the propeller to be fabricated to FAA approved drawing and specifications. We do not warranty the propeller for use outside the approved envelope.